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Central States Bus Sales, Inc.

Service Manuals

Central States is pleased to be able to offer our customers on-line service manuals for a number of our products, including the Blue Bird parts catalog and Blue Bird bus owners manual. Choose your vehicle from the list below to open readable, printable service manuals for your vehicle.

2013 Blue Bird Manuals

2010 Blue Bird Manuals

2004 - 2008 Blue Bird Vision

The following manuals open by section using bookmarked Tables of Contents:

Due to the technology available at the time of original distribution, the following manuals must be navigated by using the up/down or left/right arrows on your keyboard to move from page to page within each manual. To reach the master list of manuals available in each group, click on the Blue Bird logo from any manual introduction page.

2000 Blue Bird Operator's Manuals

1999 Blue Bird Operator's Manuals

1998 Blue Bird Operator's Manuals

1997 Blue Bird Operator's Manuals

Unfortunately, technology has its limits. We do not have manuals available on CD older than those listed above.



Please note that these are very large files. They will take several minutes to open even on a high speed connection. Once they are open you can Save them to your computer for faster opening the next time or print them on paper.

If you cannot open these documents
Get Acrobat Reader
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If you have any questions regarding the content of the manuals,
please contact one of our
Technical Support Staff.

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