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Propane-Powered Blue Bird Vision

A bluebird is the first sign of spring. A Blue Bird is the first sign of fall. A green Bird is the first sign of the future! Blue Bird recently launched the Next Generation Propane-Powered Vision Bus, which is a fully integrated and purpose-built Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) bus, engineered to the same exacting standards as other Blue Bird products. The bus is powered by the Ford 6.8L engine, which is designed and engineered to operate on propane by using the ROUSH CleanTech Liquid Propane Autogas Fuel System. Propane itself is a safe, clean, and reliable alternative fuel with an established infrastructure system throughout North America.

The Blue Bird Propane-Powered Vision® school bus is a conventional Type C school bus which runs on propane instead of diesel fuel. Designed and built for maximum quality and reliability, the Propane-Powered Vision® meets all applicable School Bus Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) and Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (CMVSS) while offering several distinct advantages, including:

Meets Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and California Air Resources Board (CARB) certification requirements

Lowers operating and maintenance costs

Allows for operators to receive tax incentives for purchasing both propane-powered school buses and propane fuel, including a 50-cent rebate on every gallon of propane purchased. Federal Laws and Incentives for Propane (LPG) from the United States Department of Energy

Provides a safe, attractive and viable alternative fuel choice amidst rising diesel fuel prices
How safe is a propane bus?

Propane Fueling Station Locations from the United States Department of Energy

Blue Bird’s Propane-Powered Vision School Bus utilizes the latest advancements in propane technology, including the ROUSH CleanTech Liquid Propane Autogas Fuel System and the Ford 6.8 liter engine.

The ROUSH CleanTech Liquid Propane Autogas Fuel System used to power the bus differentiates the Propane-Powered Vision® from diesel-powered school buses. Not just another LPG conversion or retrofit system, ROUSH CleanTech's technology is a fully integrated system, designed in complete harmony with the OEM engine.

If your school district or bus fleet is considering the move to propane power you should click to view The Propane Education and Research Council webinar featuring Ron Latko, Transportation Director for Mesa Unified School District in Mesa, Arizona. Ron presents comprehensive findings about the initial process involved with implementing propane autogas school buses. In addition, he covers fuel savings, maintenance savings, along with training and support after the sale.

Closer to home, our own president Jeff Reitz interviews Jeff Schwepker, the transportation director at Fort Zumwalt R-II School District in O'Fallon MO. Touching on Midwestern issues like cold weather performance, Mr. Schwepker says they have had "zero cold start problems" and could almost do away with his cold start team. He cites forward thinking about the environment and economical use of tax-based funding as reasons the district chose to order Blue Bird Propane-Powered Vision school buses a year ago and continues to add additional propane Visions to their fleet. Speed bumps in the process? Bus drivers had to be reminded of the start procedure (see instructional video below) and parents are still adjusting to not being able to hear these quiet buses making their way through the subdivisions and having to watch the clock to know when to meet the bus outside their door. Overall he is very happy with his new green Blue Birds.

Another one of our customers, Crittenden County School District, created this 15 minute video presentation elaborating on how propane buses help them to meet their big six overarching goals, Kentucky State School Board approval of their pilot program, the data collected over the 2 months of propane vs. diesel bus service, and future projections for this pilot program and the state of Kentucky schools.

Blue Bird's Propane Autogas Brochure presents an abundance of facts about propane fuel, the infrastructure it requires, specifications for Blue Bird's Propane-Powered Vision and Propane-Powered Micro Bird G5, the Roush CleanTech Advantage, the safety and innovation of their tanks, engines, and transmissions, as well as information about their service network, parts support, Company Promise, and quotes from their satisfied customers.

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To print this Vision Propane Introduction Flier click here