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Service Tips

The Service TIPS are a collection of our loyal customers' advice, bulletins, product updates, parts sales, and other valuable information – just one more way Central States strives to offer the very best customer service in our industry! The Service TIPS have been archived below to make sure you haven't missed out on any of these service or product alerts.

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If you don't know your body number, it is usually located inside the bus above the windshield on the Body Data Plate or you can use the VIN.

If you are unable to find your unit in the Vantage website or have any questions regarding the recalsl for your bus, please contact one of our Technical Support Staff.

Do you have a service tip you would like to share? Let us know if there is information you find particularly helpful. If there is something you would like us to cover in this section, send us a message so we may share it with our other customers. Your input is always appreciated!

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Many of our tips include images which you can view in your internet browser just like this webpage. Others include PDF documents which are easier to print out but require Adobe's Acrobat Reader to display. If you have trouble opening any of these documents you can use this link below to download and install the latest version of the program.

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Archive of Service TIPS



Vision school buses that are experiencing turn signal malfunctions can be rewired with a conventional relay and flasher system to avoid replacement of the multiplex module. The following parts and schematic can be used to make the repair. If you have any questions please call our Technical Service Department at 1-800-825-8273.

Parts Required: One 20-amp Fuse, Two Relays P/N 30-13317, and Flasher P/N 1868025.
Buses that have experienced horn failure can wire in a conventional relay circuit to avoid replacing the multiplex module. If it has been determined that no out put from the module to the horns on pin 14 connector B1 is present and pin 9 on connector B2 is grounding the circuit when the horn button is pressed use the following parts and schematic to make the repair. I you have any questions call our technical service department at 1-800-825-8273.
If the right side wiper continues to run after the wipers have been turned off on a Vision or All American bus, gain access to the wiper switch and remove the heat shrink around the connector to examine the wiring. Look for the yellow low-speed wire diode intruding into the insulation on the green park request wire. If there is damage, the wire needs to be repaired or the switch needs replaced.
If the fast idle is inoperative, check to make sure the fast idle request wire is correctly located in connector C800 (EJ1 Cat connector number). The orange wire EJ140 may be incorrectly labeled EJ123 and installed in the wrong pin location of 23. If this condition is present verify the cruise request signal with an ohm meter checking for ground when fast idle is engaged. After circuit has been verified, remove the wire and pin from location 23 and install in pin location 40. Please call Jon or Kent in the Technical Support Department at 1-800-825-8273 with any questions.
If your vehicle is equipped with a block heater, keep in mind that it will work best on an engine that is already warm.
On school buses with crossing control arms, if the base needs to be serviced internally, be sure to reseal the cover to keep out moisture and dirt.