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Service Notice

COLD WEATHER has arrived and so has winter maintenance! The primary filter/separator under the bus body should be drained once a week from December through March. April through November, once a month is acceptable.

Replace both the primary fuel water separator and engine fuel filter in early December. Replace again early February and again early April.

Make proper checks to prevent possible engine damage


If water makes its way through the fuel filter and into the engine, fuel pump failure may occur and, most importantly, injector failure could happen. Neither type of failure is covered by engine manufacturers’ warranty.

Following these simple COLD WEATHER guidelines might help you protect your investment and avoid denied engine warranty claims:

We recommend draining the primary filter and checking for ice in the clear bottom portion of the fuel separator.

If the bus has been running in the cold for more than 30 minutes and ice is still present in the filter bowl, there may be a possible problem with the voltage supply to the heated fuel separator or the heated fuel separator itself could be defective.

  winter driving
engines   In the common rail systems in most of today’s diesel engines, the high pressure pump is building pressures up to 25,000 psi. So it is very important to have a restriction-free fuel system, especially in winter time.

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