Blue Bird All American Rear Engine Chassis Advantages

Blue Bird All American Rear Engine Chassis Advantages

The Blue Bird All American Rear Engine Chassis is specifically designed for passenger transport applications, delivering enhanced benefits to Blue Bird customers. The All American Rear Engine chassis boasts a high level of precision and optimization. Not only is premium quality built into every Blue Bird feature, but all supplier components are also chosen with reliability and purpose in mind to provide value throughout the entire life of the school bus. The All American Rear Engine’s purpose-built design places an extra emphasis on serviceability to ensure that routine maintenance is performed as quickly as possible and buses return to their routes. The most service-accessible bus in its class, the All American Rear Engine school bus provides unparalleled access to the critical engine compartment, helping to maximize uptime and ultimately provide increased value for customers over the entire life of the Blue Bird All American Rear Engine School Bus.

Dedicated, purpose-built Blue Bird All American Rear Engine Chassis delivers high levels of durability, optimization, and safety for extended life cycle value.

The All American’s Panoramic windshield enhances sightlines around the front of the bus, including the loading and unloading zones.

The All American’s Hendrickson Front Axle and 50º maximum cut steering gear provide increased maneuverability and superior handling/steering, allowing drivers to navigate tight turns and to negotiate more tight spots without backing up.

The All American’s rear engine compartment location offers easy service access to allow for quick servicing for maximum up-time.

Easily adjustable tilt/telescoping steering column improves driver ergonomics and accessibility.

Premium components such as maintenance-free Huck Spin fasteners on all permanent frame fixtures contribute to the Blue Bird All American Forward Engine’s strength and durability.

Cummins engines cater to customers’ specific market needs with a variety of horsepower options and a choice of diesel or compressed natural gas fuel, providing smooth, quiet, powerful performance and commendable fuel economy, while meeting or exceeding current emissions standards.

Optional 100-gallon diesel fuel tank offers increased range and greater flexibility in routing.


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