Blue Bird Micro Bird Body Advantages

Blue Bird Micro Bird Body Advantages

When designing its Micro Bird body, Blue Bird transferred its years of experience in large school buses to build a small bus engineered with safety and reliability in mind. The Blue Bird Micro Bird offers real bus strength, unrivaled safety, and years of dependable service. Features of the Blue Bird Micro Bird body include Blue Bird’s trademark one-piece roof bows and unitized body construction and our embossed drip visors over windows to prevent corrosion. Heavy-duty structural components from front to rear form a sturdy steel fortress around passengers and provide extra strength that adds years to the life of the bus.





Blue Bird’s trademark one-piece roof bows provide maximum roll-over strength.

One piece roof sheets from window top to window top add extra strength and durability to the Blue Bird Micro Bird.

Micro Bird bus bodies may be mounted on either a Ford or GM chassis (both chassis are available with diesel or gasoline engines); all Micro Birds are mounted to the chassis using thick rubber isolators for smoother rides.

A variety of seat plans and configurations, including track seating and special needs options, offer customers optimal flexibility to meet specific passenger needs. Available capacities up to 36 are available on the Micro Bird.

Four full-length, 16 gauge exterior side rub rails are positioned to offer optimum strength and protection and are specifically designed to resist penetration on side collisions; rails are dimpled at bottom fasteners to facilitate drainage and prevent corrosion.

A massive 16-gauge internal continuous side plate of steel armor above and below floor line; these side plates create a wall of protection around occupants.

Optional special needs equipment ensures that all students may enjoy a safe and secure ride.


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