Blue Bird Vision Body Advantages

Blue Bird Vision Body Advantages

The Blue Bird Vision school bus’ body design is engineered specifically with safety and reliability in mind, continuing the precedent set by its purpose-built chassis foundation. The Blue Bird Vision utilizes Blue Bird’s trademark one-piece roof bow and unitized body construction for unrivaled safety and dependability. Heavy-duty structural components from front to rear form a sturdy steel fortress around passengers and provide extra strength that adds years to the life of bus.
Building off Blue Bird’s purpose-built product strategy for maximum quality and optimization, the Blue Bird Vision body design includes exclusive features that directly enhance safety and durability for increased overall value.
An integral element to ensuring a school bus driver’s comprehensive sight line is Blue Bird’s strategically positioned driver’s mirrors. These mirrors allow a driver to fully view the area around the front and sides of the bus.




The Vision’s Angled Hood offers the best forward sightline visibility among Type C conventional products.

Wiring is numbered and color coded for easy service, reducing downtime of the Blue Bird Vision.

One piece roof sheets from window top to window top add extra strength and durability to the Blue Bird Vision.

A variety of seat plans and configurations, including track seating and special needs options, offer customers optimal flexibility to meet specific passenger needs.

Exterior side sheet metal is 20 gauge galvanized steel with fluting for strength; one piece from window sills to bottom of skirt, these side panels create a wall of protection around occupants.

Blue Bird’s trademark one-piece roof bows provide maximum roll-over strength.

Drip molding visors are embossed in the Blue Bird Vision’s roof sheets over each window, minimizing corrosion by eliminating a need for an additional metal joint and permitting ventilation during inclement weather.

The Vision’s ergonomic wrap-around driver’s area put key functions, gauges, and switches where drivers need them the most. This accessibility ensures that driver attention remains focused, further contributing to the safety of the vehicle.

Four full-length, 16 gauge exterior side rub rails are positioned to offer optimum strength and protection and are designed to resist penetration on side collisions; rails are dimpled at bottom fasteners to facilitate drainage and prevent corrosion.


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