Service Bulletins

Service Bulletins

A Service Bulletin is a notice to distributors and/or customers regarding a product improvement or upgrade pertaining to their vehicle.

Blue Bird Service Bulletins

    • For bulletins related to your bus please visit Blue Bird’s Vantage website.
    • Login with the link at the top right.
    • If you do not have a login please contact your Central States bus or parts salesperson.
    • We will be happy to create a user name especially for you.
    • Under the Warranty tab please scroll down to find Authorized Campaigns for Bulletins and Recalls.
    • You can also see them under the Service Campaigns/Notices tab by clicking the Campaigns button.
    • Under the Service Campaigns/Notices tab you can also click on Service Memorandums and Service Updates buttons to view those helpful notices.

If you don’t know your body number, it is usually located inside the bus above the windshield on the Body Data Plate or you can use the VIN.

If you are unable to find your unit in the Vantage website or have any questions regarding the bulletins for your bus, please contact one of our Technical Support Staff.

The following links will allow you to access our former database of Service Bulletins in the form of printable PDF documents. If you have any questions, please contact one of our Technical Support Staff.

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    • S14XP – National Driver’s Seat Shock Tab Inspection
    • S14XA – Transmission Harness and Cooling Hose
    • S13WJ – Radiator Inspection
    • S13WH – Surge Tank Inspection
    • S13WE – Vision Propane Engine Crossmember to Frame Torque
    • S13WC – Rear Air Suspension Crossmember Inspection
    • S12VS – SCR/DPF Isolators May Fail
    • S12VN – Excessive Movement of the Fuel Gauge Needle
    • S12VM – Service Brake Switch Replacement
    • S12VJ – Rear Suspension Leveling Valve Assembly Bracket Replacement  – Revision A
    • S12VB – Air Discharge Hose Routing
    • S12TZ – Hydraulic Brake Interlock Circuit Protection
    • S12TY – Fan Drive Pulley Set Screw Omitted
    • S12TX – Power Steering Hose Leaks at Hose Clamps
    • S12TW – Air Intake Tube Map Sensor Seal
    • SU1105 – All American Engine Isolators for AAFE, AARE, D3FE, and D3RE with Cummins engines
    • SM1105 – Shortage of Air Brake Nylon Tubing in Colors
    • SU1104 – Wabco Hydraulic Brake Modulator Update for 2009 – 2011 Vision, AAFE, and D3FE with Hydraulic Brakes
    • SM1104 – Webasto Heater with Timer
    • SM1103 – Ricon and Braun Wheelchair Lift Mounting Bolts
    • SU1103 – Hood Maintenance and Approved Polishing Procedure for BBCV Hoods with Monocoat Paint
    • SU1102 – Power Steering Reservoir Conversion for BBCV units manufactured from 12⁄17⁄2007 thru 06⁄22⁄2010
    • SM1102 – Heater Core and Filter Maintenance
    • SU1101 – Windshield Wiper Improvement for 2007-2010 Visions with Single Wiper Motor Systems
    • SM1004 – Air System Check and Leak Test Procedures
    • SM1101 – DEF Reservoir Freeze Protection
    • S10SS – Starter Cable Boot Replacement on2011 All Americans (A3FE/D3FE/D3RE) with Cummins ISB10 engines
    • S10SR – Track Seating Instructional Decal for C. E. White Seats on some 2006-2010 Visions
    • SM1004 – Air System Check and Leak Test Procedures on All Blue Birds 1992-Present
    • S1005 – BODE Electric Door Update Kit on some Visions
    • SM1003 – Air Intake System Maintenance Reminder on All 2007-2010 Visions with Cummins engines
    • SM1002 – Procedure for Checking Front and Rear Axle Oil Level on All Blue Birds 1992-Present
    • S10SK – Incorrect starter mounting bold on some 2009-2011 Visions with Propane Engines
    • S10RY – Interlock Guardian II Lift Interlock Power Source on some 2007-2010 Micro Birds
    • SM1001 – Brake Assembly Installation Washer on All Americans and Visions
    • S10SG – Wabco Hydraulic Brake Modulator Motor Cover Drain on some All Americans and Visions
    • S10SC – Auxiliary Defroster Fan Fuse Upgrade on some 2011 Visions
    • S10SA – Low Coolant Sensor Leaks on some 2007-2010 Visions and All Americans
    • S10RH – Electric Entrance Door Modification on some 2010 All Americans
    • S1003 – Coolants for all school bus models with Cummins engines
    • S09PA – Battery Disconnect Switch Jumper Wire Routing
    • S0903 – Surge Tank Kits for BBCVs
    • S08NR – Fan Clutch Spacer Bolts for 2008-2009 BBCV Visions with 2007 Caterpillar Engines
    • S08NP – Grid Heater Cable Routing for 2008-2009 BBCV Visions with ISB07 Cummins Engines
    • S08NL – Auxiliary fan for 2009 All American, Micro Bird, and Vision
    • S08MY – Jumper cable routing for 2008-2009 Vision with 2007 Caterpillar engine
    • S07MU – Power steering reservoir cap for 2008 Vision
    • S07LZ – PDU closeout fasteners on some 2004-2008 Visions
    • S07LV – CAC hose clamp on All Americans with Cummins ISC-07 engines
    • S07LU – Seat mounting bracket on All Americans with CE White child restraint track-mounted seats
    • S07LT – Instrument panel replacement for 2008 Vision
    • S07LS – Incorrect starter cable connection for 2003-2008 Vision
    • S07LR – Air intake pipe replacement for 2007-2008 AAFE
    • S07LP – Vibrating cross view mirrors
    • S07LN – AA alternator power cable routing at CAC tube
    • S07LM – REVISED: Driver’s windshield reduced wiper area
    • S07LJ – Engine cooling fan and radiator shutter operation
    • S07LG – Relocation of CNG flexible vent line in engine compartment for 2000-2007 AA, Q-Bus, and Commercial Series
    • S07LF – Cummins ISB-2 low coolant probe replacement
    • S06LC – Mobile climate control
    • S06LB – Blue Bird OEM coolant replacement
    • SO6KV – “MICO” low pressure switch shortened service life
    • S0612 – Spectal window latch kits
    • S0520 – New engine coolants for All American, Vision, and EC–72
    • S0608 – Spectal passenger window modifications for 2006-2007 All American and Vision
    • S0607 – Arvin Meritor automatic slack adjustors
    • S05KD – BBCV first generation hood front inner fender shield
    • S05KC – Option 30192 wheelchair lift wiring relocation at PDA
    • S05JZ – Improved regulator for Leece–Neville model 4830LC 175 amp alternators
    • S05JX – BBAA LCDs fading on Actia tachometer and speedometer gauges
    • SO5JT – John Deere 8.1 crankcase ventilation hose routing
    • S05JH – BBCV erratic or intermittent gauge operation
    • S04JC – BBCV multiplex system modification
    • S04JA – BBCV wheel weight – tie rod end contact
    • S04HP – Hendrickson steering arm replacement on BBCV “Vision” buses
    • S04HN – ABS front sensor false signal on units with hydraulic brakes
    • S04HJ – BBCV brake system wiring modification
    • TSB 06-4-6 – Ford 2005 – 2006 E Series – High Pressure Systems Diagnostics – 6.0 Liter
    • TSB 06-4-12 – Ford 2004 – 2006 E Series – Coking Deposit Diagnostics and Service Tips – 6.02 Diesel
    • TSB 06-4-2 – Ford 1998 – 2006 E Series – Battery Service – Operation of Battery Eye – Charging Service Tips


If you believe your Blue Bird vehicle may be involved in a Service Bulletin, send us your Body Number (e.g., M89672). We will respond to you with information pertaining to your specific vehicle.


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