Child Check-Mate System

Child Check-Mate System

Check Mate Alarm
Check Mate Alarm
Check-Mate Alarm
Check Mate Control

Designed by drivers for drivers, Child Check-Mate’s easy-to-install surface-mount system has become the industry standard among large fleet owners who depend on long-term maintenance-free safety solutions. The master alarm unit is completely self contained and requires only six wires that are attached to a quick-connect color-coded harness.


  • Enhanced bypass protection (no bypass key)
  • Hidden or surface-mount design
  • Computerized driver functionality
  • Child-proof protection
  • Installs in less than 25 minutes
  • “Gold fleet” training for drivers and installers
  • Complete turn-key installation services
  • 24-hour hotline
  • Audible deactivation alarms
  • Enclosed primary and secondary alarms
  • Superior construction
  • Optional OEM pricing available
  • No time restriction for drivers

The Child Check-Mate System is the only microprocessor-based system on the market, making it a generation ahead of its competition.  Clearly the industry leader, it has sold over 120,000 systems in the last two years.  Its uniform installation and design make it particularly popular with larger fleets.

In addition to improved passenger safety, the Child Check-Mate System creates driver freedom and failsafe functionality.  Whereas most systems require that a driver conform to the way the system works, the Child Check-Mate System is a microprocessor-based bus safety alarm that is both driver and installer friendly.  The Child Check-Mate System allows the driver the flexibility to perform his/her check with the engine either running or turned off.  The system provides fast, uniform installation across all bus manufacturers regardless of model and is programmable to accommodate various state regulations and operator preferences regarding specific driver functionality.

Because of a defect rate of less than one tenth of one percent, Child Check-Mate Systems Inc. stands quite confidently behind its 5-year “fix or replace” warranty.  An extended 6-year warranty is also available when installed by a certified Child Check-Mate Installation provider.

When the driver turns on the bus, an audible alarm will notify the driver that the system is active and working. The system becomes activated once the red overhead (eight ways) flashing lights are engaged, telling the system that children have boarded. The system will remain armed until the driver deactivates the system at the end of the run during the normal procedure to check for children. Once the reset button is depressed, the driver will receive an audible alert indicating that the system is unarmed.  In the event that the driver fails to perform the child check and stops the bus at any time where the key is to be removed, an audible reminder alarm will sound alerting the driver that the bus needs to be checked for children. Should, for whatever reason, the driver proceed to leave the bus without performing the check, even though the primary alarm is sounding, the bus horn will begin to sound off in one-second intervals. The horn alarm is intended to alert the driver first, the yard personnel second, and act as a wake up call for any child who may have been left behind. In any event, the system cannot be bypassed by any means other than to reset the system from inside the rear of the vehicle.

Child Check-Mate System comes with easy installation instructions.

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