Platinum Preowned Program

What comes with Platinum?

✓ Comprehensive Inspection – 123 Point Inspection
✓ Meets Colorado Rack Test & Kentucky Poll Test
✓ $500 parts credit
✓ Totally Refurbished
✓ Special Financing Options
✓ Ready for Pick Up Today

Comprehensive Inspection – 123 Point Inspection

Interior and Exterior Super Clean

Spray and wipe all interior upholstery, hard plastics and sweep floor

Hand cleaning windows inside and out

Extensive cleaning removes stains and cleans seat upholstery to like-new state

Premium car wash

Road Tested

Smooth Steering and ride

Checking Brakes for pedal softness, stopping distance and pulling

50% or better tread

50% or brakes

Engine and Transmission Tested

All new fluids and filters

Check for any noises

Under Vehicle Inspection

Check brake pads, engine mounts, transmission mounts, fluid leaks and body mounts

Test Batteries

Check fuse and electrical panel

Meets or exceeds current safety standards

Altoona Tested

Eight tests are performed on the buses: Maintainability (includes accessibility), Reliability, Safety (includes brake performance), Performance, Structural Integrity and Durability, Fuel/Energy Economy, Noise (interior and exterior), and Emissions.

Colorado Rack Tested

For Colorado Rack compliance, the test requires that two prescribed cycles of load be applied to the bow immediately above the passenger windows. During testing, the bus structure cannot deflect more than 5-1/8 inches when measured diagonally, and all emergency exits must be functional after the test.

Kentucky Poll Tested

During the test, a school bus rollover is simulated with an 8-inch diameter pole impacting the roof with enough force to cause the roof to bend into the passenger compartment between 8 and 10 inches. Throughout this test, the body panels cannot separate. While the test was developed for the state of Kentucky, it is utilized by multiple North American states and provinces as a required specification.

$500 parts credit

✓ Five parts warehouses

✓ On call parts experts

✓ Fast shipping

✓ The lowest prices on Blue Bird parts

Ready to find your platinum unit?


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