Gas or Diesel Powered Blue Bird Micro Bird MB-II

Gas or Diesel Powered Blue Bird Micro Bird MB-II

Blue Bird’s Micro Bird MB-II provides safer student transportation than riding in a van or SUV because of the safety features built into the vehicle an automobile does not have. It is built to FMVSS school bus construction standards and includes 3 point school bus seats and a rear door buzzer. The 9 passenger capacity allows anyone to drive this vehicle; not just school bus drivers, but also teachers, aides and coaches.

HORESPOWER Engine Dependent
Torque Engine Dependent
Transmission Engine Dependent
Type Engine Dependent

Features and options listed in this section do not come stock and are additional addons that can be purchased and installed at the time of purchase.

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Gas or Diesel Powered Blue Bird Micro Bird MB-II

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Usage Type School Bus
Condition New
Availability For Order
Chassis Chevy, Ford
Body MB-II
Model Microbird by Girardin- MFSAB
Capacity 9
Fuel type Diesel, Gasoline
Engine 4.8L (Gas), 5.4L (Gas), 6.6L (DSL), Chevy Vortec 6.0L (GAS)
Brake Hydraulic

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