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Below is a list of the Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for the chemical products currently used in the Service and Parts Departments of Central States Bus Sales, Inc. To view the SDS on screen and in printable pdf format, please click on the appropriate Product Name below.

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Product Name/
Part Number/
Product Code
3M Copper Anti Seize Brake Lube 08945 Service
3M General Purpose Adhesive Cleaner 08984 Service/Parts
3M Hi Strength Red Threadlocker 08730 Service
3M Imperial Micro Finishing Compound Liquid 06011 Service
3M Med Strength Blue Threadlocker 08731 Service
3M Silicone Free Tire Dressing 38328 Parts
3M Super Duty Rubbing Compound 05955 Service
3M Woodgrain and Stripe Adhesive Remover 08908 Parts
3M Yellow Super Weatherstrip and Gasket Adhesive 08001 Service
ACDelco Dex-Cool Antifreeze 10-101 Service/Parts
AGS Company Lith-Ease Grease 7651393 Service
Aiken Chemical Co. Clean Rite Purple Power unknown Parts
Airwick Industries Brasso unknown Service
Allison Transmission Transynd Full Synthetic Transmission Fluid 27101-LTL5 Parts
Amalie Oil OIL, 5W30 5W30 Parts
Amerex Corporation Fire Extinguishant unknown Service
Armor All/Stp Product Armor All Protectant unknown Service
Armor All/Stp Product Tire Foam unknown Service
Ashland MaxLife Dex/Merc Automatic Transmission Fluid VV3246 Service
Ashland Parts Plus Dex/Merc Automatic Transmission Fluid PP3374 Service
Atofina Chemicals Forane 134A Service
BG 44K New Power Enhancer 208 Parts
BG Air Intake System Cleaner 206 Parts
BG Universal Frigi-Quiet 701 Parts
Blast Products, Inc. Windshield Washer Solvent unknown Service
Blaster Corporation PB Penetrating Catalyst CRZ16PB Parts
Blue Bird SEALANT,POLYURETHANE,MANUS,75AM,CLEAR,4 IN TIP 10030926 Parts & Service
BOC Gases Propane unknown Service
Car Brite Tire Shine C008M Parts
Carquest ATF Dexron-VI Full Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid CQ426 Parts
Carquest Power Steering Fluid 57032 Service
Carquest Premium Starting Fluid 91015 Parts
Carquest Windshield De-Icer 1090 Parts
CAT Cat ELC (Extended Life Coolant) w/ Embitterment 238-8648 Service/Parts
Certified Labs, Division of NCH Corp Diesel Mate Clear unknown Service
Certified Labs, Division of NCH Corp Premalube unknown Service
Chemco Industries Brake Brite Parts Cleaner unknown Service
Chempace Corporation Big Shot EZ-1 unknown Service
Chemsearch Brake Job 2000 unknown Service
Chemsearch Duo Power unknown Service
Chemsearch Lexite PS Electrical Cleaner Degreaser 5185 Service
Chemsearch Unisol Plus unknown Service
Clean Control Odor Ban 11001 unknown Service
Clorox Ultra Clorox Regular Bleach unknown Service
Conoco SAE 10W-30 Synthetic Motor Oil 10W30 Parts
Conoco 15W-40 Motor Oil 15W40 Parts
Continental Research Corporation Majic Clean Majic Clean Q Parts
Crest Acrysolv CRSBSA Service
Crest Battery Terminal Cleaner CRSABC Parts
Crest Brake Parts Cleaner CRSABP Parts
Crest Brushable Quick Seam Seam Sealer CRSBJB Parts
Crest Clear Cheetah Grease CRSACG Parts
Crest Hi-Viscosity Silicone Spray CRSASH Parts
Crest Muscle Carb and Choke Cleaner CRSACC Parts
Crest RTV Silicone Sealant Black CRSCSSB Service/Parts
Crest RTV Silicone Sealant Clear CRSCSSC Parts
Crest RTV Silicone Sealant White CRSCSSW Service/Parts
Crest Rubber Seam Sealer CRSCJW Service/Parts
Crest Trim Cement CRSAAA Parts
Crest URE-Seam Plus Urethane Seam Sealer CRSCUP Service/Parts
Crest White Lithium Grease CRSAGW Parts
Cummins Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) unknown Service
Cyclo Fast Start Starting Fluid C99 Service
DAP Premium Indoor/Outdoor Sealant 219661 Parts
Devcon Super Glue Gel 14277 Service/Parts
Dow Chemical Co. A/C OIL 59007 Parts
Dow Chemical Co. Great Stuff GMID184702 Service
Duplicolor Products Acrylic Lacquer L118 Parts
Duplicolor Products Gloss Black (OSHA) DA1600 Service
DuPont Freon with UV dye R134AUV Parts
DuPont DuPont Suva 134a R134A Service/Parts
Dynatex Black Silicone Gasket Maker 49200 Service
Dynatex RTV Silicone Sealant Black 49297 Service
EMS Birdbath Bus Wash BB10072 Parts
Fleetguard ES Compleat CC2825 Parts
Fleetguard ES Compleat OAT CC36077 Parts
Fleetguard Fleetcool EX CC2746 Parts
GUNK Brake Fluid M44-32 Parts
GUNK Engine Degreaser 54-00545-00 Parts
GUNK Radiator Flush C14-12 Parts
Interstate Batteries 1-65 1-65 Service
Interstate Batteries 1-75DT 1-75DT Service
Interstate Batteries 175RL 175RL Service
Interstate Batteries 8D-XHD 8D-XHD Service
IPC Graffiti Remover 1065 Parts
John Deere Cool-Gard II TY26575 Parts
Johnson Controls Wet Cell Batteries L8 Service
JohnsonDiversey Windex Concentrate 90136 Parts
Loctite 598 Black High Performance RTV Silicone Gasket Maker 59866 Service
Loctite Clear RTV Silicone 7651344 Parts
LPS Laboratories Heavy Duty Rust Inhibitor 00316 Service
Lubemaster LokCease 2020 unknown Service
Manus Products SEALANT,POLYURETHANE,MANUS,75AM,YELLOW 10027537 Service
Marathon No. 2 Diesel 0117MAR019 Service
Marathon Regular Unleaded Gasoline 0127MAR019 Service
Marvel Marvel Mystery Oil unknown Service
Mercon Mercon SP Automatic Transmission Fluid 175200 Service
Mercon Mercon V Automatic Transmission and Power Steering Fluid 184629 Service
Mobil Synthetic Gear Lube 75W90P Parts
Motorcraft Washer Solvent Washer Solvent Parts
Motorcraft 5W20 SYNTHETIC BLEND XO5W20QSP Parts
Napa Car Wash 2604 Parts
Napa Lacquer Thinner 15240 Service
Napa Macs Glass Cleaner MAC8100 Service/Parts
National Guaranteed Vinyl Services Liquid Vinyl NVG102 Parts
National Guaranteed Vinyl Services PAINT BB GREEN NGV1005 Parts
National Guaranteed Vinyl Services PAINT,VINYL REPAIR BLACK NGV8001 Parts
Oatey HD Clear PVC Cement 30863 Service
Oatey Purple Primer 30756 Service
Orange-Sol Household Products Inc. De-Solv-it unknown Service
O’Reilly Brake Clean 72408 Parts
O’Reilly Undercoating 80072 Parts
Parts Plus SAE 15W-40 Motor Oil 3303 Parts
Parts Plus ATF Dex/Merc Transmission Fluid 3374 Parts
Parts Plus DEXRON VI, FULL SYN. (PARTS PLUS) 3388 Parts
Parts Plus SAE 5W-20 Motor Oil 5W-20 Parts
Permatex Heavy Duty Rubberized Undercoating 81833 Parts
Permatex High Strength Threadlocker, Red 27140 Service/Parts
Permatex Medium Strength Threadlocker Gel, Blue 24010 Service/Parts
Permatex Medium Strength Threadlocker Gel, Blue .20 oz 24200 Parts
Permatex High Strength Threadlocker Gel, Red 27100 Parts
Polymeric Systems, Inc. Acetoxy All-Purpose Silicone Sealant 1363233 Parts
PPG Industries, Inc. Custom Tinted Vinyl Acrylic Primer W10002, W10023, W10037, W10001 Parts
Procter and Gamble Disinfectant Powder Cleanser-Comet unknown Service
Radiator Specialty POWER STEERING FLUID M27-32 Parts
RAM Enterprises Ram Cleaner unknown Service
Robin Air Premium Vacuum Pump Oil unknown Service
Rustoleum Smoke Gray Enamel Spray 7786830 Service/Parts
Safety Kleen HD Lacquer Thinner 6782 Service
Shell Rotella T 15W40 with Advanced Soot Control 50012 Service/Parts
Sherwin Williams Acrylic Primer Surfacer CAP336 Parts
Sherwin Williams Prep-Rite Primer/Sealer B79W10 Service/Parts
Sherwin Williams ProMar 200 Interior Alkyd B34W207 Parts
Sprayon Electronic Contact Cleaner and Protectant S0200 Parts
Sunshine Makers Simple Green unknown Parts
TACC International TACC T206 Contact Adhesive 4294070 Parts
Tenneco Acousti/Seal Exhaust System Sealing Compound 35959WAL Service
Texaco Hydraulic Oil (Aeroshell Fluid 4) 20-16-051 Parts
Thermo King POLYOL ESTER OIL 203-513 Parts
Thetford Campa Chem Natural 24018 Service
Turtle Wax Spray Car Wash T136R Parts
Unit Chemical Corporation Pot Shot II Toilet Deodorant unknown Service
Undercar Express SILICONE LUBE, BRAKE CALIPER 8 OZ. ML09 Parts
Valvoline 75W-90 Full Synthetic 9755YN Service
Valvoline Autopride All Season 5W30 AU7172 Service
Valvoline Brake Fluid 376475 Service
Valvoline Crimson 2 Grease VV70119 Service
Valvoline Mercon V Automatic Transmission Fluid VV360 Parts
Valvoline Pyroil Starting Fluid PYSFR11 Service
Versachem Clear Super Silicone 73009 Service/Parts
Warren Distribution 75W90 Synthetic Gear Lube MG759FPL Service
WD-40 WD40 WD40 Service/Parts
Weller Premium Butane Fuel 5JH81 Parts
Welsco Nitrogen unknown Service
Winzer Glass Cleaner 891.333 Service
Winzer Non-Chlorinated Brake Parts Cleaner 891.4522 Service/Parts
Winzer Power Tube RTV Black 891.072 Service
Winzer Pure Silicone 891.142 Service
Winzer Purple Guard Battery Protector 891.525 Service
Winzer RTV Silicone Clear 891.073 Service
Winzer Rubberized Undercoating 891.510 Service
Winzer TFM 750 Penetrant 891.105 Service
WM Barr Klean Strip Odorless Mineral Spirits GL251 Service
WM Barr Klean Strip Spray Gun Kleaner GSG14 Service
Worldwide Vinyl Repair Systems Paint- Blue Bird Astro White 10082 Parts
Worldwide Vinyl Repair Systems Paint- Blue Bird Gray 10323 Parts
Worldwide Vinyl Repair Systems Paint- Blue Bird Sandstone 10081 Parts
Worldwide Vinyl Repair Systems Paint- I.C. EXTERIOR YELLOW 10097 Parts
Worldwide Vinyl Repair Systems Paint- THOMAS EXTERIOR YELLOW 10098 Parts
Worldwide Vinyl Repair Systems Paint- THOMAS C2 EXT. YELLOW 10098C2 Parts
Worldwide Vinyl Repair Systems Paint- Blue Bird School Bus Yellow 10099 Parts
Worldwide Vinyl Repair Systems Paint- International Spring White 10080 Parts
Worldwide Vinyl Repair Systems Paint- Thomas Gray W10023 Parts
Worldwide Vinyl Repair Systems Paint- Thomas Light Gray 10084 Parts
Worldwide Vinyl Repair Systems Paint- Thomas Light Green 10083 Parts
Worldwide Vinyl Repair Systems PAINT,BROWN BBIRD SEAT MATERIAL W10002 Parts
Worldwide Vinyl Repair Systems PAINT,SEAT IC GREY W10123 Parts
Worldwide Vinyl Repair Systems Vinyl Weld 8 oz W50017-08 Parts
Worldwide Vinyl Repair Systems Liquid Vinyl 16 oz Glue W70016 Parts
Zep, Inc. Blue Magic 0356896D Service
Zep, Inc. Formula 50 0859 Service
Zep, Inc. Protect All 145624 Service
Zep, Inc. Super Flash 0794102D Service
Zep, Inc. Zep Concentrated Glass Cleaner 1052 Service
Zep, Inc. Zep Time Saver 2017 Service
Zep, Inc. Zepreserve 1434787B Service
Zep, Inc. Zepride Cleaner Degreaser 0567 Service
Zerex Antifreeze Coolant ZX001 Parts
Zerex G-05 Phosphate Free Antifreeze Coolant ZXG051 Service/Parts


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