If it’s been a while since you last browsed new school buses for sale, you will be surprised at all of the features available in today’s market. From passenger experience improvements to enhanced fuel efficiency and everything in between, modern advancements have turned your typical school bus into a technological marvel. 

Many districts have to make the tough decision between buying a used bus or a new school bus for sale. If you need more reasons to justify the cost of a brand-new bus, look no further. Here, we’ll take you through the different features of a modern school bus that take the vehicles to the next level. We’ll also discuss some of the overarching reasons why searching for the right new school bus for sale is a great idea.

Let’s start with one of the most obvious advancements in new school buses these days.

Alternative Fuels

We’ve written extensively about electric school buses and other alternative fuels like propane in the past, so we won’t spend too much time on them here. It is important, though, to acknowledge that shifting to alternative fuel sources is one of the main trends in the new school bus market. Districts want cleaner, more sustainable, and convenient fuel options, and manufacturers are working to meet that need. 

Electronic Stability Control (ESC)

Safety is the top consideration for any district, and this is one of the features you can look for in a new school bus for sale that will give you peace of mind. This feature helps prevent skidding and keeps the bus stable on the road. It’s especially important in areas that experience a lot of inclement weather, but most districts could benefit from ESC, regardless of climate, wet or dry. 

In essence, ESC assists drivers in maintaining control of their vehicles during challenging driving conditions or when making sharp or sudden maneuvers, significantly reducing the likelihood of sliding or skidding. It’s especially valuable in conditions like wet or icy roads. Sensors monitor different metrics like wheel speed and yaw rate, and then the system compares the actual direction of travel to the driver’s intended path (derived from the steering angle). If those two things are not aligned, the system attempts to intervene, helping to bring the bus back on track.

Improved Lighting

Advanced lighting systems improve visibility during low-light conditions. School bus routes begin in the early morning and sometimes end late in the afternoon, and during the cold and dark winter months, there could be lots of low-light conditions to contend with. Improved lighting capabilities makes these circumstances much easier for the driver to handle and therefore much safer for all of the passengers inside. Definitely consider the importance of improved lighting in any new school bus for sale that your district is considering purchasing.

GPS Tracking

School districts can track buses in real-time with this technology. One of the new school buses for sale that you’re considering could be equipped with GPS tracking capabilities, and then in the event of an emergency, your district knows exactly where that bus is. This feature could be invaluable for safety-conscious fleets. And even on a day-to-day basis, knowing where each bus is at any given point can impart some peace of mind.


Monitoring both the interior and exterior of the bus, cameras ensure student safety and can serve as evidence in case of incidents. Being able to pull relevant video clips of the moments in question is an invaluable tool. 

Exterior cameras can have several different purposes. Some cameras will capture footage of cars that pass the bus illegally and record their license plate number. Others are meant for the driver, reducing their blind spots and helping them do their job with all the best tools at their disposal.  

Regardless of the type of camera or the purpose it has in a new school bus for sale, these new features help increase safety and security for everyone involved.  


Some buses now provide Wi-Fi to help students complete homework and stay connected during their commutes. This can help students’ days go more smoothly as well as keep them in touch with their parents, making everyone happy. Plus, while keep them entertained the driver’s focus is on getting everyone to their destination safely.

Air Quality

In light of the global health crisis brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, there’s been a heightened emphasis on preventing virus transmission in closed environments. This concern has significantly influenced the design and features of transportation vehicles, including school buses. Recognizing the critical importance of air quality, manufacturers have begun to prioritize improved ventilation and advanced air purification systems in their latest models. This enhancement is not just about technical specifications; it fundamentally transforms the passenger experience. 

Students, staff, and parents can take comfort in knowing that the air circulating inside the bus is continuously filtered, clean, and less conducive to the spread of pathogens. As a tangible benefit of this health-focused approach, school districts might observe a decline in student absences due to illnesses, fostering a healthier school community overall. Ultimately, these advancements in bus design reflect a broader commitment to public health and the well-being of young passengers.

Fuel Efficiency

Advancements in design have led to buses that are more fuel-efficient, even outside of electric or alternative fuel models. This increased fuel efficiency can save your district money over the course of the bus’s life. New school buses for sale provide long-term savings that come with enhanced fuel efficiency and offset some initial funding concerns.

Benefits of a New School Bus for Sale

We’ve already looked at many of the advanced features you can find on a new school bus for sale, and those are all great reasons to add one to your fleet. Other than all those great features you can find, though, here are some more benefits of opting for a brand-new bus over a used one.

Warranty Coverage

A new bus will usually come with a manufacturer’s warranty, which can cover unexpected repairs or malfunctions for a certain period or mileage. This can lead to lower maintenance costs in the initial years of ownership.

Lower Maintenance Costs

Newer buses tend to require less maintenance than older ones, especially in the early years of use. In addition to needing more maintenance, older buses might also be out of warranty, potentially leading to higher repair costs. Both of these factors combined mean that you will likely save on maintenance with a brand-new bus. This is definitely a point to factor into your overall financial plan.

When these maintenance savings are combined with potential operational efficiencies, it becomes clear that investing in a brand-new bus might offer long-term financial benefits. Therefore, when districts are crafting their transportation budgets and overarching financial strategies, the comparative maintenance and operational costs of new versus old buses should be a significant consideration.

Longer Service Life

Purchasing a new bus means that the district will likely get more years of service out of it compared to buying a used one. A revolving door of nearly decrepit used buses is no good for anyone. Instead, purchasing a new school bus for sale can give you many years of faithful service, decreasing the amount of time and energy your district needs to spend on purchasing and decommissioning the school buses in your fleet.


When purchasing a new bus, districts can often specify particular features or configurations to best suit their needs, whether it’s seating arrangements, storage, accessibility features, or other customizations. Now that you’re aware of all the advanced features you can find on a new school bus for sale, you’ve probably got a lot of ideas for the different custom options you’d like to add. This opportunity to get a bus that exactly fits your specific needs is a big benefit of choosing new over used.

Resale Value

New buses, given their modern features, enhanced safety mechanisms, and up-to-date technology, inherently come with a higher resale value when the time arrives for the district to sell or trade them in the future. This can be a significant advantage when considering the return on investment over the bus’s life cycle. 

However, it’s essential to note that these cutting-edge features and the assurance of a newer vehicle may also result in a higher initial purchase price compared to a used bus. As with any significant investment, districts should carefully weigh the immediate costs against the prospective long-term benefits. Factors such as maintenance costs, fuel efficiency, and potential financial incentives for newer, eco-friendly models should also be factored into the decision. 

Regulations and Compliance

Some regions have regulations about the maximum age or emissions standards for school buses in service. Buying new ensures that the bus meets the most recent standards. A new school bus for sale will likely be cleaner, more efficient, and more compliant than any of your used options.

Improved Image

A newer fleet can enhance the district’s public image, showing that it prioritizes the safety and well-being of its students. Do you want an old, inefficient, clearly out-of-its-prime bus clattering down your district’s streets, or do you want a modern alternative representing your commitment to all parts of the student experience? Purchasing a new school bus is the way to illustrate how much your district values safety and efficiency.

Find the right new school bus for sale.

With all of those excellent features and reasons for your search, you should now be ready to hit the bricks and find a new school bus for sale that meets all of your district’s needs. Here at Central States Bus, we have plenty of great choices in our extensive new school bus inventory, and we would be happy to guide you toward the right fit for your fleet. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions, or start browsing your options on our website.