Sure-Lok Wheelchair Restraint System

Sure-Lok™ Wheelchair Restraint System

Sure-Lok Wheelchair Restraint System

The Sure-Lok™ Retraktor™ system continues  the Kinedyne® commitment to making transportation  accessible and safe for special-needs passengers. Sure-Lok™ makes this possible by offering the widest selection of wheelchair  tie-downs and occupant restraint systems available. Each and every product they manufacture is carefully  engineered and thoroughly tested to ensure the highest levels of quality and performance.

Sure-Lok™ Retraktor™System

The Retraktor™ wheelchair tie-downs and occupant restraint systems by Sure-Lok™ offer a 24-tooth mechanism for smoother retraction, tighter wheelchair securement, and a more comfortable ride. Its swiveling,  bolt-on retractors mean less space, less time, and  cleaner floors. The Retraktor™ system is ADA and SAE J2249 compliant and has been crash tested at 30 mph to ensure the safety of special-needs passengers.

Other restraint systems available from Sure-Lok™ include both L-Track and A-Track tie-downs with retractable and non-retractable shoulder harnesses.

L-Track Kit and Retractable Shoulder Harness




A-Track Kit and Non-Retractable Shoulder Harness



Adaptable O2 holder by Sure-Lok



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