Q’Straint® Wheelchair Restraint

Q’Straint® Wheelchair Restraint Systems


The QRTTM Systems by Q’Straint® are  time savers. The QRTTM retractable securement system  is the simplest, easiest, most universal, and safest  retractable system in the industry. Designed for all  types of vehicles — vans, transit/paratransit, school,  and city buses — QRTTM systems meet or exceed all  ADA and FMVSS requirements. Q’Straint® also offers  some of the best non retractable restraint systems  in the industry.

Q-8100-A1 Deluxe Retractable Wheelchair Restraints


Q-8100-A1 Deluxe Retractable System


The Q-8100-A1 is a complete wheelchair and occupant restraint system that will meet and exceed expectations for speed, endurance, and ease of use. It includes four QRTTM automatic heavy-duty tie-down retractors providing automatic tensioning and adjustment. The all new adjustable and retractable lap/shoulder belt combo and connector brackets meet all SAE J2249, ISO 10542, and ADA requirements and have been crash tested at 30 mph.


Q-8100-A1 Deluxe Retractable Wheelchair Restraints


Q-8200-A1 Econo
Retractable System

The Q-8200-A1 is a well-designed complete retractable wheelchair and occupant restraint system by Q’Straint®. The QRTTM Econo includes four QRTTM Econo retractors, a retractable and adjustable lap/shoulder belt combo, and connector brackets. This restraint system meets ADA requirements for wheelchair safety.



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