IMMI SafeGuard STAR Seats

SafeGuard Student Transportation Add-On Restraint Seats by IMMI

Student Transportation Add-on Restraint NOW AVAILABLE
the SuperSTAR
One-pull Tightening
SuperStar One-pull Tightening

 BE SURE TO COMPLETE INVOICE LABEL ON ITEM TO EXTEND SERVICE LIFE Extend service start date from date of manufacture to date of sale by adding Central States Bus Sales, Inc., INvoice number, and INvoice date to the label on the SafeGuard STAR seat.

MEETS ALL HEAD START TITLE 45, FMVSS 213, AND FMVSS 302 REQUIREMENTS (use with FMVSS 222 or 210 reinforced school bus seat)


  • Five-point restraint
  • Quick-release buckle
  • No lap belt or seatbelt seats required
  • Flexible positioning base situates the child in the proper restraint position
  • Stays in the bus for use by any student needing transport
  • Allows for fast evacuation of bus
  • Storage bags and machine washable replacement pads available


  • Compliant with all Federal and Head Start Safety Requirements
  • The standard for quality in child passenger protection systems
  • Quality tested at the Center for Advanced Product Evaluation (CAPE)
  • Fits current high-back and low-back school bus seats
  • Saves time and money


  • Provides solutions for both Head Start and special needs passengers
  • Buckle loop feature helps to avoid touch-related issues
  • Secure restraint for children from 25 to 105 pounds
  • Protects children up to 57 inches tall or torso heights up to 20 inches tall (torso height = seating position base to shoulder)
  • Optional chest strap for upper torso support
  • STAR Special Needs includes an abductor, recline wedge, torso supports, height adjusters and
    adjustable headrests
  • SuperSTAR has central adjust for an easier one-pull tightening of the restraint system like a car seat

Intuitive, comfortable, and easy to use, each unit comes with an instruction booklet with diagrams and instructions like this STAR Seat Installation Illustration

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