REI Bus Surveillance Solutions

Bus Surveillance Solutions and Accessories

U.S.-based REI designs, engineers and services innovative, customizable mobile video surveillance camera systems and fleet hardware solutions.  The company focuses on the school bus, mass transit, motorcoach, commercial bus, and fleet transportation markets.

Among the advanced products on REI’s roster:

  • Crystal-clear AHD and IP surveillance cameras for high-definition views
  • School bus stop-arm camera solutions for legible license plate images
  • Durable, reliable fleet DVR system for recording HD video and audio from up to 12 surveillance cameras
  • Surveillance system accessories, vehicle cables and storage devices

For more information about REI fleet safety solutions and vehicle camera systems products, visit and reach out to one of our Parts Representatives.

AHD Bus Surveillance Cameras

Mini Eyeball

Mini Dome

Mini Box

Windshield Mount

Wedge Stop Arm

IP Surveillance Cameras

Mini Dome

Windshield Mount

Mini Dome

Mini Dome NVR

Wedge NVR

REI Bus DVR System

HD6 Series

HD5 Series

Accessories and Cables

Event Marker

Sensor Harness

Pedestal Kits



Let the Central States Bus Sales Parts Representatives help you design Surveillance Systems that work for your fleet needs.


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