New and Used Blue Bird School Buses

New and Used Blue Bird School Buses

Blue Bird school bus manufacturerWhen is a Blue Bird not a bluebird? When it is a Blue Bird school bus! Since 1927 Blue Bird Bus has continued to set school bus industry standards with its innovative design and manufacturing capabilities. As your personal Blue Bird Bus Dealer since 1975, Central States Bus Sales, Inc., is pleased to offer you the full line of Type A, C and D dependable Blue Bird school buses for sale in a variety of options and configurations. Blue Bird’s entire line of school buses have gone through the check in and nine standardized tests at the Thomas D. Larson Pennsylvania Transportation Institute Altoona Bus Research and Testing Center so you can better compare brands and decide on the bus you ultimately buy. Please scroll down this page to learn about the four fuel choices, four Blue Bird school bus models, and available options. Additional pages provide details on the advantages of each model and fuel, printable brochures with floor plans, and a form to request specifications and quotes.


Blue Bird is releasing new innovations all year long. Download this video to see some of them and contact us today to help choose yours.

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Blue Bird Vision (Type C)

36 – 83 Students

As a staple in the school bus industry, the Blue Bird Vision continues as a front-runner in school bus safety. The Vision’s purpose-built, angled hood offers the greatest loading and unloading zone field of vision in a conventional Type C school bus. The ergonomic and comfortable driver’s cockpit includes a driver-information-display panel that provides a wealth of system information to both drivers and service technicians. With capacities ranging from 36 – 83 students, the Blue Bird Vision offers the flexibility needed for today’s transportation needs along with the safety, quality, durability and serviceability to ensure that this school bus continues to meet those needs throughout the life of the vehicle.

Blue Bird T3RE & T3FE (Type D)

54 – 90 Students

Newly updated, the All American Rear Engine (AARE) school bus is an extension Blue Bird’s legacy of leadership by setting new industry standards for driver ergonomics, efficiency, safety, serviceability, passenger comfort and life-cycle value. The engine’s rear location provides exceptional serviceability, allows for extra cooling and consequently higher power ratings, reduces noise to lessen interference with the driver and allows a wide stepwell for boarding ease and a clear view of children boarding and exiting. With capacities ranging from 66-84 students and attractive fuel choices of diesel or compressed natural gas, the All American RE is an ideal transportation solution, especially on routes requiring extra power.

Newly updated, the All American Forward Engine (AAFE) continues to provide classic All American features along with a flexible array of body plans and seating configurations accommodating 54-90 students. As a leader in transport, the AAFE is especially stellar at navigating in densely populated areas and along highly-trafficked, tight and twisty routes. Its enhanced front service door allows easy access to the engine without the need for special tools, thus increasing uptime and reducing maintenance time.

Blue Bird Micro Bird (Type A)

Up to 36 Students

Blue Bird’s Micro-Bird are exclusively type A buses with just enough room to accommodate small groups of children. With capacity all the way up to 36 students the Micro Bird is a great choice for smaller routes or better fuel economy. The Micro Bird comes in 3 different models which vary slightly in features and capacity.

Activity Buses (MFSAB)

14 – 44 Students

Blue Bird offers a full line of activity bus and Multi-Function School Activity Bus (MFSAB) products, including the All American® Forward Engine, the All American® Rear Engine, the Blue Bird Vision®, and the Micro Bird®. With varying vehicle sizes, capacities, fuel choices, and engine types, Blue Bird’s wide range of bus options ensures that customers tailor their transportation solutions to their specific needs – whether those needs are transporting a church congregation or shuttling workers to and from a job site. From our best-in-class fuel economy to our best-in-class driver visibility and serviceability, Blue Bird’s industry-leading features establish the benchmark for parents, directors, drivers and service technicians alike.


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