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Nearly half of all light / medium duty commercial buses operating today are ElDorado buses. Central States Bus Sales, Inc., is proud to be your local dealer & distributor for these ElDorado shuttle buses. ElDorado offers the widest range of models and options and the most competitive pricing in the industry. ElDorado leads the industry in alternative fuels technology with a complete range of propane, compressed natural gas (CNG), liquid natural gas (LNG), and electric power options. Every ElDorado bus is ISO 9001 certified and benefits from unsurpassed research and development and superior financial strength. Every ElDorado bus has been life-cycle tested at the FTA testing facility and then tested again on ElDorado’s own track the only manufacturer-owned track in the industry using even more rigorous requirements. With models ranging from 20′ to 37′, front or rear engine power, full paratransit systems, and low floor heavy duty transit buses, there is an ElDorado product sure to meet every need.



The ElDorado Advantage is a new low cost alternative in the Cutaway lineup. This 24 foot vehicle gives you more value for the money and a faster return on your investment. ElDorado has enhanced their production process to achieve faster delivery from date of order to get you into your new vehicle as soon as possible. State of the art, light weight materials increase payload capacity, improve fuel efficiency and brake life, and create better handling characteristics and a softer, quieter ride for exceptional passenger comfort.

ElDorado Advance


The Advance E350 narrow body and small turning radius, allow for easier handing, which will be welcomed by your drivers. In addition, passengers will appreciate the wide entry door and deep steps when entering and exiting the vehicle.

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