RTI Bus Scan Safety Alarm

RTI Bus Scan – Post Trip Safety Alarm

Bus Scan Hard Wire

Abandonment of children on school buses, especially small and special needs children, is a major concern among student transportation providers. Genuine Bus Scan® Post Trip Safety Alarm by Robotics Technologies, Inc., reminds a driver to walk to the back of the school bus and check seats for sleeping children or lost personal items at the end of each student-carrying run.


Bus Scan WirelessHere’s how it works. At the end of the run, turning off the ignition (or other activation source) activates a reminder tone for the driver to begin a seat check. If a switch at the back of the bus is not pressed within one minute (or other custom time) the bus horn will sound. Once the bus horn sounds, the ignition will need to be recycled and the driver still MUST walk to the back of the bus to press the button.

Bus Scan Wireless

Bus-Scan® alarm systems are available in both hard wire and wireless remote systems. The Bus-Scan® Wireless solution can be installed quickly and does not require a mechanic to run or install wires at the back of the bus or van, which will save time and money on installation.

Bus Scan Light Control Specifications Sheet


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