Wiring Schematics by Body Number

Wiring Schematics by Body Number

Blue Bird Wiring Schematics

    • For wiring schematics please visit Blue Bird’s Vantage website.
    • We are only able to register Vantage users in AL, AR, IL, KY, MO & TN.

    • Use Bus Lookup to find your unit.
    • Under the Unit Details tab you will find the Wiring Schematics button.
    • Click the Wiring Schematics button to get a list of all available schematics.

If you don’t know your body number, it is usually located inside the bus above the windshield on the Body Data Plate or you can use the VIN.

If you are unable to find your unit in the Vantage website or have any questions regarding the electrical system of your bus, please contact one of our Technical Support Staff.


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